8 Steps to Build a Perfect Mobile App Marketing Plan in 2021 and beyond

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If you start browsing your AppStore, you’d probably fall short of time, but the apps will never end. Tons of mobile applications are created and launched every day, but to be very accurate, not all of them achieve success.

So what is it that can make your app stand out from the rest and be loved by the users?

Well, the answer lies in a perfect mobile app marketing strategy. The better you strategise, the better will be the outcome. A mobile app marketing strategy will cover everything, right from creating an idea to turning it into a reality. The ultimate aim of this strategy is to increase the traffic and user base of the application.

So if you are looking forward to getting a mobile application developed, this article might be just the right thing for you. Here we have mentioned a simple 8 steps approach that you can follow to create your app’s brand resonance.

Read below to know more.

To better understand the approach, we have divided the 8 steps marketing plan to fall under three different stages. Each stage will have different steps.

Stage 1 – The Pre-Launch Stage

So as the name suggests, the steps in this stage will have everything to do with starting the mobile application development phase when you are creating an idea and a blueprint of what you expect from your app. Your market, target audience, app look and features, everything will be decided at this stage.

Step 1 – Carry out thorough market research

If you fail to research, you’ll fail to progress. This is because if there is any kind of lacuna in knowing and understanding the market, you will never know how to strategize and reach out to potential customers. Spend a lot of time collecting insights about market performance, the competitors and your customers. Make sure that you understand what your customers are looking for.

For instance, if you want to create an app to sell electronics, you might want to know the kind of items people are purchasing. The pattern of consumer consumption has changed amidst the pandemic; therefore, you will need to stay updated. Offering repair and installation services in the pandemic era along with selling electronic products may help you win the game. So, thorough research of the market and current consumer patterns is needed before letting the mobile app development agency create an app for you.

Step 2 – Adhere to a strict timeline

You probably would be getting the app developed for both android and iOS devices. Therefore, it becomes important to know when the project would be over and how soon you would be able to launch the app. Having timelines decided for both iOS and Android can help you gain user attention. Also, adhering to strict timelines will help you get the mobile application ready in time.

Step 3 – Create a landing page for your mobile application

Though there will be a user guide in your app, it is highly recommended that you create a landing page for your app too. This page must contain good and engaging content that tells the users about your app and its fantastic features. You may also add customer reviews and testimonials to attract potential customers. Having a landing page helps to improve your app’s visibility and authenticity.

Step 4 – Make efficient use of social media

Employing social media marketing is the most effective approach to reach the customers you are interested in and improve customer experience. For your mobile app promotion, you must leverage social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can create short movies and GIFs for the debut of your mobile application and post on different media in order to get users involved. The videos and other content on social media platforms will help gain user attention and improve your chances of reaching out to potential customers. You may also take polls to understand the kind of features your customers are looking forward to having in your application. This will further help you create the look and feel of your application.

Step 5 – Strategize your content too

The content you post on your landing page and social media platforms must have blogs, press releases, and other necessary information. This will keep the consumers involved in your business and develop an interest in viewing your app. A good content strategy will also help you bring in more engagement and organic traffic, both of which are important for the success of your mobile application.

Stage 2: Acquisition Stage

When you have created the app and promoted it on the internet, it’s time to launch the app and strategise further. Once the app is launched, the aim is to get maximum downloads in the first week of the launch. To accomplish this goal, the below-mentioned steps will prove to be really helpful for you.

Step 6 – You can go for a paid strategy

The greatest method for mobile app marketing if you have sufficient funds, is to go for paid advertising. On sites such as Google, Linkedin, Facebook etc., you may start sponsored advertisements. If you choose for sponsored social media advertisements, then remember that you have a limited time to look at your message. The point here is to spread the word quickly and achieve your goals.

Step 7 – Optimize your app store

You must optimise the app so that it may be displayed on top applications when a user searches it. The optimization of the App Store is analogous to Google’s search engine improvement. The primary objective is to improve the user’s exposure and eventually boost the downloads. Sometimes people may adore your app but can’t locate it since the app isn’t in their language. In such scenarios, ASO will help you best.

Stage 3: The Retention Stage

Once you have targeted your potential customers and gained their trust. It is crucial to retain them to keep using your app. This stage deals with the same and the approach you can use to keep your customers adoring and using your mobile application

Step 8 – Use the magic of push notifications

Push notifications have been shown to improve user participation to 88 percent. And the better the user retention, the higher the app store or play store rating is. Provide consumers with enticing offers to utilise your software.

Concluding Thoughts

Make use of the right marketing strategy and let your app be the best in the market. A good strategy will allow you to achieve the success your app deserves.

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