6 Brilliant Blog Ideas For Your 2021 Content Calendar

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Blogs are the true workhorses of the digital marketing world, primarily known as a tool for Content Marketing. With a well-established strategy, blogging can turn you into a leading authority in any Industry and increase your revenue by multifold. Many people take it as a hobby while others take it as an opportunity for making hefty amounts of money.

Believe it or not, blogging can earn you anywhere around $2 million in a year. Also, it not only fills up your website with content but brings more traffic, engages your clients, and helps you convert new customers into your loyal clientele. However, you need to load your content with quality information and valuable resources to make it work for you.

The best part is that you can repurpose the blog content for other business channels and social media platforms to drive more traffic back to your website.

Blogging is the current hot topic in the industry due to its numerous benefits for businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs. But, have you ever wondered how blogs get popularity and achieve the company’s marketing goals? If not, then to your surprise, it’s the topic, interactive content, and intriguing ideas that attract the audiences towards it.

  • When writing a blog, it is important to consider the audience’s demands, desires, and interests. In addition, using a strategy that helps you communicate better with your audience is even more substantial. Above all, many people are not cognizant of the fact that optimizing the blog for search engines can help them rank their websites and prove to be the best marketing strategy for them.

Now that you know the importance of blogs let’s dive deeper and explore some brilliant ideas to add to your content calendar in 2021.

6 Brilliant Ideas You Must Not Overlook In 2021

Now that you already know making a blog popular is not easy. You might be eager to learn more. To ease your conscience, these ideas will help you choose the best strategy for your blog and give you an edge over other bloggers in the industry.

Hot Trends

Several things catch the spotlight every other day. Random things happen and intrigue the audience, like celebrity news, scandals, political controversies, newly launched products trending on social media platforms, and so much more. These are some great options to write about when you want to seize any opportunity that knocks on your door.

You may have observed that numerous bloggers and influencers write about a recent happening, and people instantly start engaging with their posts. People see it as a platform to give their two cents, but it’s an opportunity to increase their reach and visibility for the influencers and bloggers. In most cases, the blogs created in response to a trending topic end up becoming another trend.

It’s up to you whether you want to discuss a celebrity going on vacation, a pharmacy selling fake medicine, politicians going rogue, universities being unjust with the student, or a social dilemma. Whatever you choose must be unique and must have a unique angle to show your take on the matter. Above all, it must align with the interests of your audience.

To get an idea about the current hot trends, you can use Facebook trends, Twitter trends, and google trends. These platforms have over 187 million monetizable users. That’s how they provide you the best insights into the topics.

Prediction Posts

The best way to steal the spotlight with a breeze is to write prediction posts to give your take on what will happen next. For instance, think about the US elections, which tend to the hottest yet the most exciting topic for all US residents and other people worldwide. Writing about a simple prediction about who’s going to win or lose can gain you a massive audience.

You can also choose to inspire people with your predictions, give hope, or cheer them up if their favorite candidate seems to be losing. All of this can be done in a simple prediction post. Also, you can brag about your favorite candidates or highlight their achievements. This will ignite the debate, and you will receive a diverse audience interacting with your blog. While your followers would praise, others will bring extreme backlash.

However, blogging comes with negativity and positivity, but for businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers, it is all about increasing their reach and visibility, which prediction posts can quickly get.

Product Review Blog

Product review blogs are entirely an affiliate marketing tool. You can collaborate with several new or already ranking product manufacturers, brands, and service providers and become their affiliate.

Whether it is direct blogging or influencer blogging, it helps amicably deliver the message without overwhelming users with the complexities and technicalities of any product or service.

Being a blogger, if you are wondering what you get out of product reviews, the science is simple! You benefit from both ends, and you collaborate with the product manufacturer or service provider, who pays you a good amount of money for reviewing their offerings. Consequently, you get the chance to interact with your fans and followers. In addition, people are always eager to know about the new products and services immediately as they roll out. According to research, 57% of marketers reported high conversions through blogging.

Another way to earn from product review blogging is by enrolling with the product supplier and get a dedicated discount code for your audience. As your followers shop from the brand, you will be rewarded for each one of their sales.

Again you benefit from both ends, as your followers are more influenced by these little things that you, as a blogger or influencer, do for them!

All-in-all, product reviews are one of the most liked and most rewarding blogging strategies for anyone.

DIY (Do It Your Self) Blogs

People have started to opt for cost-effective solutions for most of their problems since inflation has sky-rocketed. DIY blogs are a great way to promote creativity and productivity among your audience. Whether it is arts and craft, woodwork, jewellery making, make-up, construction, or any other thing that can be made at home from scratch, it makes up for a great DIY blog.

For businesses who want to grab every opportunity to interact with their audiences, DIY blogs are a great way to get started. The best thing that can be done here is to use your product in DIYs.

For instance, suppose you are a dairy products manufacturer, and heavy cream is one of your products. You can create a DIY blog post to teach your customers how to make ice cream at home. You can also opt for any other recipe that people can make at home using your products.

The other way to do this would be to collaborate with influencers, homemakers, ice-cream sellers, chefs, or even celebrities. You can pay them or offer them free goodies. In return, they will create a blog for you with the same approach, where they would create something using your products and tell the audience why your product stands out.

Interview Blogs And Regular Features

Many business websites and blogging platforms already offer several blogs with interviews and regular features. These blogs revolve around the related famous people in the industry or talk about related topics. Another way to do it is by sharing your success story or others’.

You can schedule interviews with known personalities, celebrities, YouTubers, or other famous personalities who can influence your audience.

People love to get a sneak peek into the lives of people they like. Thus, they love to read or watch interviews, where famous personalities share insights into their lives and personal experiences. Doing interview blogging will get people one step closer to their favourite characters? In return, your reach and interaction will keep on increasing.

In addition, the people who appear in the interview will be sharing the blog on their social platforms and other channels as well. The chain of shares will go on as their fans will also share your interview blog on various media.

This will significantly work for you as an effecting marketing strategy and lower your marketing budget.

Political Blog

Politics is always seen as black and white, but business should focus on the grey side and the benefits that neutrality could bring for them. Being a business, entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, or even a celebrity, we all share an equal social responsibility towards our nations. Hence, political matters are something we should all speak up about.

Many people around the world don’t know the difference their votes and preferences can make. And, this is why many people don’t even vote. However, having the power to influence, you can write blogs on political matters inviting people to be interested in their country’s political issues.

Big brands, bloggers, and influencers can create a considerable impact by interacting with the masses about hit topics. By doing this, you will play your part in the betterment of your society and invite more people to speak up for what is right. However, there should be no extremism in your posts, as the backlash would tarnish your reputation in the market.

Furthermore, your blog ideas should always be neutral, promoting better things and making people realize their social responsibilities only. Targeting the politicians or leaders may also damage your reputation among the audience.

Wrapping Up

You can start blogging about anything that aligns with your audience or society’s interests. These topics will significantly help you grab the attention of your audience and create the desired impact.

The blog ideas mentioned here are not limited to these only. Hence it would help if you tried your blogging about different niches according to the purpose. Also, it would be best if you invest in blogs that increase your followers, revenue, and conversions.

So the next time you want to have a low budget for marketing, consider blogging about the audience’s most favourite topic to steal the show in no time!


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