Social Media Updates this week [Sept 11 — Sept 17, 2021]

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  • Is developing a new ‘montage’ feature to convert Stories to Reels.
  • New list type “Favourites” will bring the posts by your favourites higher in the feed.
  • Added new ‘map search’ tool to maximize business discovery. It is live for users in Australia and New Zealand.
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  • Launched live test of new labels for bot accounts.
  • Updated end card info for completed spaces to provide more context on the discussion.
  • Expanded access to professional profiles and ticketed spaces.


  • Announced new support initiatives for SMBs.

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  • Launched new business guide and support features for Latin and Hispanic heritage month.

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  • Announced new business connection tools.
  1. Start valuable conversations with ads that click to message.
  2. Start a WhatsApp chat from an Instagram Profile.
  3. Quote Request on Messenger.
  4. Lead Generation on Instagram.

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  • Login connect with messenger now generally available to verified businesses.

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  • Announced new initiatives to raise awareness of climate change, and tackle climate misinformation.

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  • Launched dark mode on mobile and desktop.
  • Added long-form posts to company pages along with ad performance management options.

“While members on LinkedIn have long had the ability to draft and publish long-form articles on the platform, organizations have been limited to character counts for organic posts in the feed. That’s no longer the case with Articles for Pages.”

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  • Launched Creator Accelerator program.

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  • Announced new resources to support mental health issues.

✅ Additional well-being resources to support our community
✅ Expanded guide on eating disorders.
✅ Expanding search interventions.
✅ Strengthening notices on search results.

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  • Is testing new full-screen vertical scrolling feed.


  • Added new features to its Ad platform.
  1. Bid Recommendation: Leverage the bid recommendation tool in the ad group build page for guidance on what to bid to reach your target audience.
  2. Improved Bulk Edit Tool: Save time optimizing campaigns by updating bids and budgets across multiple ad groups simultaneously.
  3. Updated look w/ Better Performance: Loading times with the updated dashboard is also now 2x faster than before!

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  • Launched test for in-app business directory.

That’s all folks!

Please leave kind comments on anything I might have missed.

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