What Should You Take Into Account In an Influencer Marketing Campaign: Top Mistakes

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Social media is now an integral part of business marketing activity. Plenty of websites advertise themselves on these interfaces to increase their conversion rate. In addition, not-only-online businesses advertise here intensively too, of course in the hope of increasing traffic.

We come across thousands of pictures and videos every day as we scroll through the feed. These are usually published by our favorite celebrity or public figure. However, have you ever considered that your favorite star may be behind a website or a complete company? Or he or she is included as an influencer in their marketing strategy?

Nowadays it is almost a common phenomenon. In the following, we will look at influencer marketing from the side of businesses.

Why influencer marketing is worth it?

Everyone has a favorite public figure who we are curious about in their daily lives. What if your product or service were built into your everyday life?

With the advent of influencers, the concept of fanaticism has taken on a whole new meaning that can have an impact on your business as well. Individual public figures are sometimes fanatically liked by their followers. They are able to reorganize their own lives just to resemble their favorite one, that is why influencer marketing is brilliant.

Let’s see what results you can get if you decide to advertise your product through influencers:

  • It can generate $17–19 in earned media value for you for every spent dollar. What does this mean? The simplest way to describe it is that influencer marketing will generate you $17–19 worth for one dollar.
    For websites, this can be reflected in an increase in conversion rate or an increase in the number of visitors. This value can be that more people will know your brand. And even that the number of your sales will jump.
  • You can advertise in a targeted way. You know who are the followers for that person. So you can find your target audience in the best way, imagine this as a filter on Facebook.
  • You can get not only one-time customers but also returning customers. What will increase your conversion rate and create lasting traffic growth in the long run? You think well, loyal customers.
    Influencer marketing is a very good tool for recruiting a loyal customer base, the reason for this is the aforementioned fanaticism.
  • Millions of people can become your potential buyers. Statistics show that the number of Instagram users has increased 10 times more in just 5 years. At the same time, the number of people following influencers is increasing day by day. As a result, you can reach masses of people that you can’t in any other form, at a better price.

Now you can see that influencer marketing can truly be one of the best tools in your marketing strategy. So whether your goal is to optimize your conversion rate or make your brand better known.

However, it’s important to clarify that no matter how you do it, a poorly planned strategy can even lead to a decrease in customer base or completely ruin your webshop’s conversion rate, so you must know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

Let’s see what are the most common mistakes you can make during an influencer marketing campaign and how you can avoid them.

1. Always clarify your goal

Like all marketing campaigns, you should have a goal when you decide to cut into advertising with influencers. Do you want to increase your conversion rate? Do you want to draw attention to one of your products or do you want to improve the opinion about your brand? It doesn’t matter at all.

Many businesses make the mistake of not defining the exact goal for either simple social media campaigns or influencer campaigns. This is a huge problem because while your campaign may not fail, it will not bring the desired results, your conversion won’t be boosted.

We illustrate the situation with an example. Suppose you advertise a new soft drink through an influencer that is also available on your website and in your physical store. Your goal in this situation would be to get more people to buy your product in both your web store and your physical store, meaning you want your conversion rate and sales to increase, that’s your goal.

If you don’t set this goal at the beginning and you don’t discuss it specifically with the intermediary influencer, then you could not see an increase in your conversion rate, but your visitors may increase. However, this does not match your goal so your campaign was considered unsuccessful in this regard and it was a waste of money.

2. Focus on your target audience

Already during the campaign planning period, you need to think about who the people you want to reach. There are many cases where someone has misjudged their target audience and that is why their campaign has failed. Let’s see why it’s important to point to your target audience.

  • You can define your message based on the target group, as each group needs to be addressed differently.
  • You will be able to select the influencer based on your target audience. The influencer fan group must match your target audience.
  • Defining your exact target audience will mean the effectiveness of your campaign in 70%. This is because you need to employ a different strategist for each group. It is not certain that a message that works well for the younger age group will work well for the older age group.

Always keep in mind who uses your product in general, this can be a good starting point for defining your target audience, this should be compared to people you want to advertise your product. From these two pieces of information, you’ll be able to perfectly identify the specific audience for your campaign and you can avoid campaign failure.

3. It doesn’t matter who you advertise with

The failure of most influencer marketing campaigns is caused by the influencer itself. Failure can also stem from inappropriate communication, influencer style, and personality.

Before you start your campaign, it’s important to know exactly who you’re advertising with. Of course, it is essential that the followers of the chosen person — as already mentioned — match with your target audience, but also emphasize on what the pre-history that the influencer has.

This is the hardest part of this type of marketing campaign, as you need to know your customers here. You need to know how they behave in everyday life, what they are usually interested in, and what things they don’t look good at or completely condemn.

Let’s see an example: If you want to promote cruelty-free cosmetics, you already know in advance that this topic is important to your customers, and under no circumstances would they buy a product that has been tested on animals. In this case, you must check the background of the given influencer because if he or she had a scandal about her on a similar topic, or the influencer just introduced animal-tested cosmetics last month, not only your conversion rate will decrease, but you will even lose your loyal customers as their confidence in you will falter.

There are a lot of such cases these days, so we recommend that you take a lot of time to see who you want to advertise your product with. Focus on the values ​​you represent and choose an influencer according to this fact.

4. Sometimes less is more

Believe it or not, ads are often annoying. Social media interfaces are not primarily used to view advertisements but to entertain.

Be careful not to be the one to deprive users of the opportunity to have fun. We often find that we just scroll through social media interfaces and the same ad pops up in the feed for the third time, right, that you also remember these brands and products?

You’ll be sure to note, which wouldn’t be bad at all, since that was exactly the goal of the ad. But do you have a good opinion of these brands? Certainly not. You mustn’t take the experience of the influencer’s followers to keep track of their favorite one’s daily life.

Make sure that your product does not appear too much in the contents, but when it appears it should be effective, this is the key to not forming a bad opinion about your brand or product and this is the key to achieving your goal, be it gaining awareness or even increasing conversion rate.


As you can see, influencer marketing is a very diverse area where the chance for failure is huge. However, if you pay attention to the details, there should be no problem and you will achieve your goal.

The huge number of businesses that use this form of advertising cannot lie, they invest more than $ 7.5 billion annually in this marketing activity worldwide, which is a huge number.

This means it is best to get involved and increase your conversion rate with the help of influencers.

We hope we can help.

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