Social media managers, here are 8 sources to bookmark today!

Social media managers or Social media enthusiasts are always on the lookout for information.
It could specifically be related to new features launched on a particular social platform.
However, it could also simply be information on some recent changes, what is trending, and every tiny detail of new stuff happening in the social space.

While the social platforms themselves keep you updated here are 7 great sources we think you should bookmark to stay updated and be able to consume this information, repurpose content and share it with your audience in fun ways.

1. Social media today

Social Media Today is a one-stop free and independent source for folks in marketing, social business, communication, customer relations, content marketing, and the digital strategy field.

They have 4 different tabs that keep us updated on — Content marketing, Digital strategy, Social marketing, and Social media platforms.

2. Social media examiner

The social media examiner website brings us social updates in a fun way.
They then tailor these updates as per the platform they’re sharing it on.
For long-form information, they create videos and upload them on their YouTube channel.
They then repurpose the content into carousels for Instagram.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a one-stop solution for your sales, marketing, and customer service requirements.
The Hubspot blog, e-books, guides, and courses under their resources tab are super helpful.
You can quite literally learn about everything in the social space if you scroll through the site and spend enough time reading the blogs they publish.

They also have free certification courses that are super helpful to get a different insight and an upgrade on your knowledge in your field of interest.


4. Facebook news

Facebook, now meta has recently launched a business coach on Whatsapp.
Apart from this, they recently introduced Reels for Facebook too that’ll help creators get rewarded in dollars for the efforts they put into their video content.

To get such updates, news, and insights on the platform and what they’re working on for the future of Meta (formerly Facebook) I strongly suggest you bookmark this site and go through their resources section time and again.

5. Instagram business blog

Instagram is evolving and only getting better every single hour if I could say so.
They’ve had 7 things they changed on the platform in the last one month and they’re on a roll with more new stuff coming up.

They’re now more than a square photo-sharing platform and are focusing on 4 key areas: Creators, Video, Shopping, and Messaging”

That said, every improvement is based on Instagram business users, creators, and brands.

They share tips, announcements, and inspirations on their blog and have dedicated Instagram accounts for each set of audiences — Businesses, Shops, Creators, to help them all grow.

6. Twitter Blog

Twitter shares feature updates, platform improvements on their official blog

Right from events, product updates, insights on tweets via the platforms, stats, and more are shared.
There is no need to go elsewhere because Twitter shares timely content on the blog that helps you catch up from where you left, and stay fully informed with verified data.

7. Mashable

Mashable is a multi-platform media, social news, and entertainment platform.
You can dive into a variety of content from tech, social updates, entertainment, social good, and more.

It plays a big role in recommendation and sales.
Mashable is also full of deals, useful content, and news that can help with keeping up with today’s times.

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that will help you schedule posts, Content curation, Mentions, Analytics, Report builder, RSS feeds, Social listening, and sentimental analysis.
Most Social media managers use Crowdfire because it is super helpful to manage and grow your social accounts organically.
However, Crowdfire also publishes content for its users on their blog.
The Crowdfire blog is indeed a great resource for you to learn and stay updated with content related to content creation, social media marketing, customer service, social listening, etc.

That’s it, folks! 🙌
Let me know if you’ve found these helpful?
Also, if know of more resources that I need to check out, do share them in the comments below.

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