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Building a business and keeping the growth steady is widely dependant on 3 major aspects.
Your product, marketing your product, and providing top-quality help to those using or wanting to use your product.
Of course, most people don’t really have to focus on marketing because their customers do it for them. This is only possible when your Customer Support is so out of this world that the users can’t help but share their experiences with others. This in turn helps grow your audience and customer base.

Gone are the days when customer support meant waiting hours on end on your phone for an executive to save you. Or waiting for a reply to your email only to get it a week later with the overused excuse of lack of staff or backlogs.
Customers have now realized that publicly complaining about something or even asking for help gets you your response faster.

Social media isn’t just for marketing or sharing your influencer content anymore. It’s the biggest platform for customer support. But being such a vast platform, it’s very difficult for businesses to cater to all customers that post to different platforms.
Here, of course, is where Social Mentions comes in.

What are Social Mentions?

A mention basically means when a brand or business is mentioned somewhere on the internet. A Social Mention is when the brand or business is mentioned on a Social Media platform like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Social Mentions help you look for and participate in conversations on Social Media that are about you or your business. This way you can build conversations with your existing and potential customers.

How do I track my Social Mentions?

There are so many different sites and apps that offer to take care of different things. Things that would normally fall on the shoulders of a Social Media Manager and/or a Customer Support rep. And we all know how stressful that can get.

Using a tool like Crowdfire will help you get your brand mentions from the mainstream Social Media channels all in the same place. This already eliminates having to open each channel to respond to your customers separately. It also eliminates having to set up automated messages, because now you can reply to them all from 1 dashboard.

But why are Social Mentions important for Customer Success?

Now that you have all your mentions in one place, time to excel in customer success!
With Mentions, you don’t only get notified when someone has tagged you. You can update certain keywords related to your business or even the industry to keep up with what’s trending. This way you can also keep your customers entertained with the latest trends and be ready for any important updates.

Since you can upload keywords, it would also make sense to add some creative (read: distorted/typo) versions of your brand name. For example, it would make sense to have ‘crossfire’ as a keyword for Crowdfire since most of the time Crowdfire auto-corrects to crossfire. Features like this help you stay on top of things and bring your A-game.

You can also add your competitors’ names as keywords so that you can stay updated with what they’re up to. You can also use this to gain inspiration when it comes to keeping your customers happy.

With Crowdfire, you can access and filter mentions based on the social platform or you can reply to them on a first come first serve basis.

They also have labels that can automatically segregate all the mentions based on the rules you set for each label.

One of the most important features of Crowdfire Mentions is that you can access historical data for each user. Here, you’ll be able to see all previous conversations you’ve had with a user. This helps your agents stay on track and understand what kind of experience they’ve had with your business. It also helps you understand what kind of tone you can use with each user.

Having access to historical data also means your agents won’t be confused about anything regarding the past experiences of the user.

Let’s look at Social mention tools and how brands use them?

Companies that use social mentions to locate, fetch and participate in conversations that people are having about them.

1. Spark Central by Hootsuite

Slack uses SparkCentral by Hootsuite to reply to their users’ complaints, feedback, and feature requests.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social uses its own tool to thank its loyal customers.

3. Sprinklr

World-famous companies like Amazon, Nike, and McDonald’s use Sprinklr
Here you can see Amazon is addressing a packaging issue that a customer has highlighted-

Nike requesting more details regarding an order through Sprinklr-

Here you can see that even though the user did not tag McDonald’s, they were still able to reply to him-

4. Crowdfire

You can see the same thing here with one of Crowdfires users. Someone was looking for a good app for Scheduling and user @kunle_pata Mentioned Crowdfire without tagging them.

Using gifs to respond to users is one way to relate to current generations that actually use social media. This way you can get creative and create gifs or even memes to keep the conversation lively. This is also another way that your users know that this effort is taken by a human behind the scenes. They’d be able to appreciate your efforts more and share their experiences with more people.
Having a Tool that is able to get all mentions, tagged or untagged, in 1 place is such a powerful thing for your business.

Being able to allow all your customers to do all your marketing for you is really the best thing ever!

⭐️ Bonus tip! ⭐️

Mentions for the Holidays 🎄🎅⛄

With the holidays around the corner, many people are trying to plan their vacation days so that their ultimate goal of customer satisfaction is not hampered. At times like these, most people, try as they might, can’t stay away from work. There’s always a worry that if you missed something from a user, it might escalate quickly and not even in a good way. So even if you’re on leave, you still end up checking all social media platforms throughout the day.

But now, you don’t have to do that anymore. With Crowdfire Mentions, you can see what people are saying about you or your business all in 1 place. Not just that, you can also reply to them from this dashboard. You can reply with emojis, images, and even gifs. These replies directly reflect on the social platform as a reply to whoever mentioned you or your business.

Currently, on Crowdfire, you can fetch mentions from Twitter public mentions and DMs, Facebook page messages, Facebook page comments, Instagram Comments and they very recently launched Mentions from Instagrams DM’s too!

It’s a paid feature and is currently available on Premium plans and above.

This way you can spend no more than 30 minutes on all your Social Mentions and you’ll be able to spend time with your family.

That’s all folks!

Let me know in the comments if you use Social Mentions and how they’ve helped you bring your A-game!

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