How to use email marketing and social media together

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In this modern age where technology is so advanced, there are many ways marketers deploy to obtain traction in the digital world. Social media, email marketing, content marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, and others can help meet your marketing goals. Studies have shown that marketers’ top two choices are social media and email marketing.

Email Marketing in a Nutshell

Caption: Global email marketing revenue 2020–2027 (Source: Statista)

Email marketing uses email to promote your business products and services. At the same time, you use the email channel to develop relationships with your leads or clients, all in the name to garner customer loyalty.

Emails are the first thing people check once they get to the office. This personal communication channel offers the potential to guide your leads down the sales funnel. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to increase your outreach and convert existing clients into long-term ones. Many robust email marketing platforms help make this easy.

Social Marketing in a Nutshell

Caption: The preferred social media platforms by marketers worldwide 2021 (Source: Statista)

Social media remains the most popular choice for marketers in their respective digital marketing strategies; this is not surprising as the social media market will reach around 4.41 billion users in 2025.

Social media marketing promotes your products, services, and company on social media channels. To optimize the benefits that social media brings to the marketing table, you need to remember that each social media platform offers different advantages. For example, Instagram is best for visual marketing purposes, and Twitter can gain almost instantaneous momentum if you time it right.

Leverage these channels’ strengths to help increase your organic reach, drive traffic, build awareness, and increase conversion rates. Social media is a powerful means that help you rope in more people.

How to Use Email Marketing and Social Media Together

We have established that email marketing and social media marketing are powerful. When used on its own, each is an effective marketing strategy. However, what happens if you combine these two marketing strategies? You’d be amazed at the results.

Bear in mind that you cannot take your pick of the technique you want from each of them, hoping that they somehow will gel. It does not work that way. However, they both have their strengths that you can amplify to benefit you:

1. Include Social CTAs in Your Emails

Caption: Charles & Keith utilized the social CTAs clearly at the bottom of their emails.

Emails are great tools to help promote your social media presence as they are a less intrusive way to increase your social media following. Craft your emails surrounding your subscribers’ intent and interests. Then add links to your company’s social media pages. You can offer attractive freebies to entice them to click on these links.

Another seamless way to do this is to include a social media CTA as part of your email signature; this is perfectly understandable to do so.

2. Provide an Attractive Link in Your Social Media Posts

Caption: ADA Facebook post has included a link to a landing page on their website — simple and easy to understand.

You can include an enticing landing page into your social media platforms that act as an ad to get more to subscribe and provide their email addresses. The challenge is to design an exciting landing page that gets everyone excited. Consider running a contest with attractive prizes or an event sporting giveaways of your products for people to try.

Or you can leverage social media capabilities that allow you to collect email addresses. Facebook’s ‘Call-to-Action Ad’ feature will enable you to create a simple Call-to-Action button with a form attached to it. You can then collect the email addresses via this form. Use social media’s capabilities wisely to help expand your email subscriber list.

3. Ensure Both Channels Sync Up

Although email and social media are typically different marketing channels, they both have the same goals — engage more to be invested in your business and convert them. It makes sense to create a unified strategy that combines both channels seamlessly to reach the targeted goals together.

Both marketing channels must run cohesively with a common strategy; this ensures that both channels are consistent and become equally viable to all. You want your email subscribers to receive the same information as your social media followers at the same time.

4. Reuse Content Between Channels

Having valuable and relevant content is key to every marketer’s success. However, giving exclusive content for social media and email channels can be very draining and costly. So, work smart and recycle your content for both channels. Use images with the related information interchangeably between the two channels. Just make sure they are not overused, and they coincide for consistency reasons.

You save costs. Also, you get to leverage publishing content on two different but aligned channels; this reflects well on your brand image.

5. Leverage Social Media Testimonials

Social media is a great platform where you can gather user feedback for your products and services. Users leave comments and reviews about your business; these form your business credibility and trust level. Hence, if you garnered good feedback, you can leverage it as concrete social proof for your leads.

People will be easier to convince as these are your proven track records that speak volumes of your products and services. Include reviews links to these social media reviews or add screenshots of them in your emails to elevate your credibility as a business.

6. Leverage Social Media Email Notifications

People usually turn on their email notifications when there are new updates in the posts in the groups they follow. If you post your content about your business in these groups, chances are, you can reach out to more who otherwise are not in your existing email listing.

Posting in social media groups is an effective tactic and a free way to get your content in front of people; this can help extend your reach.

7. Supercharge Social Media with Your Email Listing

Caption: You need to create an ad set and customize the audience accordingly.

You can import and upload your existing email listing into social media platforms. You then explore and know more about them; this helps you design and create more effective and convincing emails/social media posts. At the same time, you can run relevant marketing campaigns for those already interested in you via social media.

Each social network platform has its way of uploading your email listing. Facebook, the champion of social media platforms, offers two options for you to optimize your email listing usage. The ‘Custom Audience’ option allows you to look for your existing audience on Facebook. These people know about you, so you can immediately get down to business and reach out to them.

In a time when you are ready to expand, feel free to explore the ‘Lookalike Audience’ option. This option helps you find people similar to the profile of people currently interested in you; this increases your chance to rope in more leads. Facebook helps you target your ideal customer profile.

8. Treat Unsubscribe as an Opportunity

Caption: Citibank includes an option to allow its members to unsubscribe. However, the member must write an email with the header ‘unsubscribe.’

Incorporating appropriate Call-to-Action (CTAs) in your emails helps increase conversion rates. However, this includes giving your subscribers the option to unsubscribe from your emails. Fret not; you can leverage this by directing them to your social media pages in the hope to salvage some of them even though they have chosen to unsubscribe from you.

There are different reasons people choose to leave you. So, mentioning in your email that they can choose to follow you on your social media once they have unsubscribed from your email listing targets those who prefer to communicate via social media and not email. You get to at least direct this portion of the audience back to you.


Email and social media are two powerful marketing tools to help build your business brand and grow your audience. As an island on their own, they are effective as they are. However, they have many features that become amplified and more effective when combined. The above list confirms this.

Do yourself a favor and use both email marketing and social media to increase customer engagement, expand your email list, widen the reach of your content, and grow your audience while retaining more customers. You won’t regret it.

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