How Crowdfire helps leverage social media for customer service

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You may always be on the lookout for social media posts that go viral and brands that are creating a buzz. However, you must also pay attention to the discussions that don’t go viral. Especially those that revolve around customer service issues.

These days, people not only use social media to share and consume content but also to connect with brands. Therefore, apart from establishing a strong company presence on social media, your business should plan to leverage social media as an active and proactive channel for customer service.

Including customer service on social media is highly effective. This is because it allows customers to reach your team on the platforms they already use. 54% of customers said businesses that replied to customer service concerns or complaints on social media are more trustworthy.

Because social media customer service is so rapid and accessible, 78% of consumers want brands to use these platforms to connect in a meaningful manner.

With rising competition and increased customer demands on such platforms, you need to strategize social media approaches. It’s also best to adopt robust customer service software that works for your business.

This is when you can leverage Crowdfire. If you want to enhance customer service through social media, use Crowdifre to experience the difference. You do not need to juggle multiple social media tools to listen, monitor, and analyze your audience. Instead, go with an all-in-one platform that puts you in the front seat with a range of powerful features.

Here are three tips to use Crowdfire for effective social media customer service.

1. Provide a quick response to customers’ problems

Wondering what your customer cares about the most? A quick response! Yes, Edison’s research suggests that 42% of customers want a social media response within an hour, and 32% believe it should be within 30 minutes.

The great majority of Twitter and Facebook users — 83% and 71%, respectively — want a response the same day they post. Despite this, many businesses fail to recognize the sense of urgency that their consumers feel.

That doesn’t mean we brand representatives should rush to give speedy, useless answers. Still, it shows just how important speed is for social media customers. Therefore, when you are looking to leverage social media for customer service, do not overlook the aspect of a speedy response.

How can Crowdfire help?

Crowdfire comes with the Mentions feature that keeps a close watch on any social media mentions of your products, brands, or services to ensure that every customer concern is addressed on social media.

You can improve customer service by responding to every remark promptly, whether it’s a request for service, a complaint, or just general feedback.

2. Be where your customers are

You should aim to identify where your customers hang out and ways to get hold of them on an ongoing basis. Analyze various social media channels and know more about how they behave on those platforms. You can blend multiple channels to provide customer support right from emails to phone calls and the social platform’s direct messages.

If your customer has reached out to your business on Twitter and wants a quick resolution, you can even redirect them to a self-help knowledge base article or a YouTube video link. Ideally, you’d like to take a closer look at your socials to find detailed insights on each post.

How can Crowdfire help?

Here, you can leverage the Analytics feature by Crowdfire that helps identify where your customers are, what interactions they drive, and also compare where you stand against your competitors.

3. Drive engagement through custom content

You can create and publish your curated blog to drive audience engagement. Your business needs to connect with its audience at a different level — trending content, memes, case studies, research, etc. Sharing custom content on social media platforms will need you to satiate the audiences’ needs and demands on social media platforms.

Tailor engaging posts for each platform and drive more meaningful conversations so your followers know that you are there to share. This way, they feel more connected with the brand and feel at ease to share any feedback (positive or negative). Here, you can engage in a meaningful conversation about your products and services to improve their overall brand experience.

Since social media is an informal communication channel, you can emphasize friendliness and trustworthiness when driving engagement through custom content.

How does the Crowdfire app help?

You need to identify what your followers and subscribers demand so that you can provide the right content to the right people at the right time.

Here, you can leverage the Publish feature by Crowdfire that helps tailor each social post with preview, enabling you to choose the right post for the right platform and publish it at the right time to drive engagement.

Pro Tip: Mind the tone

Get to know the pulse of your audience before communicating to them. This requires you to understand proper etiquette for customer service. Once done, accordingly use social media voices that can be intelligent, educated, sophisticated, etc. This way, you can navigate your brand’s tone and remain consistent.

Your business can use social media to hold more open dialogues and drive meaningful customer engagement by publishing curated content. Whether your brand identity is — quirky, professional, authoritative, etc., you can leverage social media to extend the same by using a similar tone.

Maintaining a conversational tone on social media requires you to comprehend the following:

  • Community: Having a strong presence on social media would mean creating and growing your social media community by leveraging existing followers who know exactly what to expect from your brand. Listen to how they express their thoughts and emotions, and craft your words that connect better.
  • Culture: Your brand’s voice must be rooted in your company’s culture, as every business has a distinct identity. Think of what principles you adhere to when communicating with customers. Also, have your executives access to the business knowledge that sets you apart from the rest.
  • Conversation: Ensure communicating your brand’s personality and authenticity on social media by defining what value you’re bringing to the table.

Which tool can help?

For tone, you can rely on Grammarly and choose the right engagement tone of your content before publishing any post. Also, this holds true for any long responses/DMs you send over the platform.

Wrapping up

The growing dominance of social media means that the future of B2C relationships relies heavily on it. Therefore, by understanding its significant impact on customer service strategy, you can implement the above-mentioned tips. This will definitely help your brand succeed and drive loyalty.

With Crowdfire, you can check all the boxes of your social media requirements which includes fast and efficient customer service.

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