How WazirX uses Crowdfire To Manage Their Social Media Presence

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Launched on 8th March 2018, WazirX is India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. It all started with 3 tokens — Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash and now there are more than 80 tokens listed on their platform.
Within a little more than a year, WazirX has come a long way. It has started a crypto revolution in India and has gone global with its acquisition by Binance.
Let’s understand why and how WazirX uses Crowdfire
As a new business, the very first thing that WazirX needed was Social Media presence and a very easy and efficient way to share content with the world.
That is  👇

Brand awareness and establishing thought leadership  😎

To establish thought leadership and increase brand awareness, it is important to post regularly when your audience is most active. It is equally important to post content that resonates with your audience, either educates them or helps them understand the topic better.
WazirX has its presence across all the major Social networks and posts several times a day. 
Priyanka who manages WazirX’s Social Media uses Crowdfire to curate content and schedules posts for the week for all the Social networks at a go. She uses the best time feature to make this process quick and to make sure the posts go out when their audience is the most active. 
With the calendar view, she can quickly make sure that the queue is always full and can also repost content as and when required. 
She also uses chrome extension to share articles she is reading. It takes less than a minute and shows a tailored preview based on Social networks.
Manual posting is time-consuming and hectic, everyone needs a good scheduler to save time and be more efficient when it comes to publishing content. Crowdfire is just that. – Priyanka Sharma

The next step👣 

Measuring and adjusting 📊 

Publishing content isn’t all and isn’t enough. For a brand to understand if their strategy is working or not, they need to measure the performance.
With Crowdfire’s in-depth analytics, they were able to understand what’s working for them and what needs to change. Adjusting their strategy helped them reach a higher audience month after month.
Not just this, the entire team stays informed about the Social Media performance via scheduled report exports that is sent to their inbox every Monday.
Crowdfire has made the weekly stats calculation and presentation, a piece of cake. – Priyanka Sharma

Taking Social to another level 🚀 

Listening, engaging and helping 👂 

Supporting your users on Social networks is not optional anymore. The users expect it and expect it fast.
A study found 88% of social marketers believe it’s important to provide customer service via social networks and 45% of customers said social media is one of the first places they go with questions or concerns.
The thing is, although users complain, ask questions and provide feedback on social media, they don’t necessarily tag the brands they’re talking about. In fact, only 3% of customer service messages actually tag the companies. However, that doesn’t mean consumers don’t expect an answer. That’s where Crowdfire Mentions come in. 
Team WazirX monitors all the keywords including ‘WazirX’ to see what are people saying about them. 
WazirX uses Mentions to
  • Reply to the customers facing trouble with the product
  • Engage with the users participating in the contests
  • Engaging with folks who talk about them
Reducing the response time when it comes to engaging with our users has helped us strengthen our relationship with our tribe. – Priyanka Sharma

WazirX recommends Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an affordable and easy-to-use tool. It has helped us establish our presence on all the Social networks with minimum efforts and has also made weekly reporting simpler. A single dashboard to manage everything makes it the best tool.

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