Top 10 Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas

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The holiday season is ripe for reaching new audiences and improving engagement, but brainstorming effective holiday marketing ideas can be a challenge.

In this article, we look at ten creative ways you can boost your holiday content marketing, keep your audience engaged, and improve conversions during the holiday season.


What do infographics have to do with holiday marketing? A lot, actually!

Infographics are a great tool for sharing holiday gifting guides, and fun facts about the holidays. They can be incredibly entertaining visuals to improve engagement during the holiday season.

Additionally, infographics can be repurposed in a number of ways.

A single infographic can be divided into several social media posts—so your social media is packed without the marketing team having to create new content.

The infographic gift guide will also make for great content to input into your email marketing software, boosting conversions along the way.

Take a look at these infographic ideas to help you create holiday-themed visuals that will excite your audiences and improve engagement.


How better to inform your social media audience that your brand is participating in the holiday season than by changing your banner images to something holiday themed?

You don’t need to make something too elaborate—adding a Christmas hat to an element of your banner is more than enough.

But you could also create a completely new banner just for the holiday season, one packed full of holiday elements, or of a holiday-inspired scene. 

Use a Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube banner maker to create a stunning banner without too much effort.

Holiday Photos

There are several free stock photo sites that offer high-quality holiday photographs that you can use to liven up your holiday marketing efforts.

Websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay have thousands of relevant images that you can share with your social media posts and your blog or email headers.

A number of design platforms also give you access to their holiday-themed image library, which makes it easier to create strong visuals.

Branded Images

Adding a hint of your branding to your holiday imagery is a great way to connect your business to the holiday season.

We have already mentioned how you can add a small holiday element to an image, but you should remember to keep your branding guidelines in mind.

You can include your business logos on the images, but you could also choose to rely on your brand fonts and colours to convey your branding.

Colours are a particularly good way to highlight your branding without being too overt—users may find the inclusion of logos a bit intrusive.

Keep your branding in mind when creating holiday imagery, but avoid making the branding the focus of the visuals.



Everybody loves memes and the holiday season is the perfect time to share memes with your audience.

There are several existing memes that can be adapted for your holiday marketing fairly easily—if you can find the original images, you can add holiday-themed text to it.

Alternatively, you can create your own holiday meme—and add some branding elements to it.

Whatever method you choose, memes would be a great addition to any holiday marketing efforts this year.


Everyone is excited for the holidays, and you can capitalize on that excitement by creating a holiday-themed countdown.

With a few simple elements or some stock images, you can create a countdown to share on social media, your follow up email, or on your website.

You can also use plugins to create website countdowns, some of which can be customized to include your choice of imagery.

However, remember to backup your website before installing plugins, as some of them clash with other existing plugins and can shutdown your website or impact WordPress site speed.

Holiday countdowns can also be used to announce holiday sales, which will boost your conversion rates.


Most websites employ popups to encourage site visitors to subscribe to their newsletter or mailing list.

Popups are often text-only, but they also include simple branded images—the logo of your brand, or an image or illustration that exemplifies the brand.

This is the perfect opportunity to add some holiday cheer to encourage visitors to stay on your website. 

Use exit popups with holiday imagery to entice people to remain on your site longer, or to inform them of discounts and special offers.


Is your company celebrating the holiday season with in-office festivities? Why not share it with your audience?

A number of small businesses and startups document what happens behind-the-scenes in their offices on social media, via posts and live videos.

Live streaming office holiday parties—a great way to bust company culture myths—is a fun way to get the audience engaged with the company and to humanize the brand.


Everyone loves videos and there is plenty that a brand can showcase in their holiday marketing videos.

We have already mentioned live streaming, which is a great way to use the video format for the holiday season.

But short, sharp videos with a holiday flavour can also make for engaging content that will boost views on social media and drive conversions.


Most people associate the holiday season with fun and frivolity, but as most people know, the holiday season is also a time for recognizing privilege and giving back to those who don’t have.

Brands can use the holiday season as a reason to showcase their CSR efforts or to highlight the work of a nonprofit in their niche.

Using charts to show the progress of a particular situation or issue is a good way to make people aware.

You can use a pie chart maker to create quick and attractive holiday-themed charts that share a hard-hitting story to get people to act.

Key Takeaways

We have shared ten ideas for making your holiday marketing efforts a success. 

By following these simple, yet fun ideas, you can increase engagement during the holiday season and make a difference to the world.

Ronita Mohan is a content marketer at Venngage, a free infographic maker and design platform. She enjoys writing about digital marketing, sharing productivity tips, examining pop culture, and championing the need for representation.
Twitter: @Venngage

Featured image credits – Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

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