Instagram Content Calendar - What to post?

I think we’ve all come to a point where we’ve run out of original content ideas and have published most content ideas that we were aware of. We’ve also faced creativity block, reached a point of saturation, and lacked motivation too.

Umm, What if we focused on creating a calendar for each social account? Know exactly how to bring a content idea to life, and the right date and time to post? 😮
That sounds like a dream!
Well, dreams do come true 😎

To start with, let’s look at how to create a content calendar and have 30 or more days worth of content for your Instagram account.
Oh, and a FREE template + 30 guided ideas for your June 2021 content calendar at the end of this post! ✨

1. The theme of the month

You can pick a theme for each month, and look for help from this cool website — Days of the year that helps you with important days and even months.
For instance, the coming month, June, is Pride month.

You can change your logo to VIBGYOR and post about it showcasing your support and celebrating the community.

2. Hashtag based series

Hashtags are one of the reasons that Instagram stood out amongst other social platforms. Taking the advantage of hashtags or creating one of your own will help you create an exclusive space for your content. This could be in a form of a series like- #TutorialTuesday #ShoutOutSaturday #JoyOfLearning and more.

It also gives your account more exposure if it’s a popular hashtag like #throwbackthursday #Mondaymotivation and so on.
The hashtags you use should be most relevant to your content niche.

3. Tutorials

Share a quick tutorial around your product or service. Like a “How to” video or it could be a series of reels you create that go on your feed too.

Here’s an example of tutorials on feed (through reels) by Crochet Patterns and Yarn taking us through a tutorial called — ✨Learn to Crochet ✨

You can check the further lessons here —  two, three, four, five and six.

4. Trends

Keeping up with the trend is one of the best ways to increase your social reach. It’s also fun to get on board, move out of comfort zones, create content in the form of images, IGTV, Instagram story, Reels, or a dance challenge — #jerusalemachallenge like this one by the team at The Bombay Canteen.


5. Carousel

Creating carousels on Instagram of an educative post or repurposing your listicle blog is a great piece of content. It helps to repurpose content like a new dressing to your daily salad.
It also is a quick way of reading through important content that needs to reach your audience.

Here’s how Headspace shares — 5 ways how meditation promotes a healthy relationship with eating.

6. User-created content

We must blindly accept that User-created content is one of the most creative, reliable, and authentic types of content in this fast-paced digital world.

It’s the “Real” and most trusted around your product or service and serves as a digital word of mouth, better than traditional marketing.
Let’s look at how Procreate shares user-created content on their Instagram feed –

7. Testimonials

A potential customer is more likely to trust a user’s experience than you promoting your product or service.
It’s first-hand information from users based on their experiences with your business.

Share more of these using a #FeedbackFriday or #TestimonialTuesday and your potential users will be able to relate to you or your business better.

8. Days of the Year

This could be anything from a festival, an international day, or any day of the year that you’d like to celebrate. You can browse through here for all the “Days of the year

Here’s a post of festive wishes by Crowdfire on Diwali –

And, this post by Wendy’s — India on International Family Day 💛

9. Question

These kinds of posts help you to engage with your users, know them better and create stronger bonds.
All you have to do is pick a question or two and share it with your users on your Instagram feed as a caption, image, or even an Instagram story.

Here’s how Headspace shares an image that resonates well with the question in the caption.

10. Reels

Instagram’s Reels feature helps you to create short and fun videos that can be shared to your Instagram feed too.

It’s suggested to keep an eye out for the Reels that trend, save the audio and filter and then go ahead using your creativity and efforts to recreating these trending reels.

You can also create simple reels around your product, specific features of your product or service, benefits of the service, anything educational, and so on.
Here’s a quick Reel that Crowdfire taking us through their feature around using the hashtag manager and shares it to the feed too —

11. Giveaway

Giveaway posts on the Instagram feed encourage engagement while letting someone win freebies.
These freebies could be anything around your product, a digital postcard or letter, free downloadables, a box full of stickers, a month of free service, or more.
You can also collaborate with other brands to host giveaways to increase your reach.

12. Meet the team

You can introduce your team members through a fun and quirky Instagram post.
If your team is big, it’ll be great to create a series like #Meettheteam, #MeettheteamMonday #Meettheteamweek, etc, and share more about one or two of them per week or once every two weeks.
Sharing more about your team members is a candid way of making personal connections with your viewers.

Here’s how Strata Company shares more about their team in the caption –

13. BTS — Behind the scenes

You can share snippets of your production line, warehouse, or meeting room with your audience. You could also share candid pictures or the BTS of how you created specific video content.

I mean, look at this one by Seb for Daniel wellington –

14. Quote

You can share a quote to refresh minds, create a positive feed and make more people smile.
This could be the vision of your business, a reminder, or something relatable to your brand and what you strongly believe in.
Here’s a pretty chessboard feed with quotes and The Five Minute Journal

15. Light-hearted content

You can give your audience a little break from usual posts around your product or service and all those subtle salesy posts by sharing something fun, humourous, or trendy, like memes.

Let’s look at this light-hearted content by Propshop24

Apart from all of these different posts, you can also repurpose your blog post, repost something from an account that resonates with your brand and audience.
You can also create Instagram reels, fun Instagram stories, and highlights to ensure your Instagram account is active and engaging.

Also, once you have your content calendar ready, you can schedule them all via Crowdfire using the cool ‘Best Time’ feature, and manage your content using the cool ‘Calendar view’ feature-

Scheduling - Crowdfire on Desktop 2021-05-28 at 7.46.57 PM


Here’s a free guided content calendar for beginners –

You can download it here- June Content Calendar Sample & Undated Monthly Planner
That’s all folks!⚡️
Let’s go create our fresh new content calendar for June and eventually for the rest of the year. YAY! 🙌

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