Product update: Instagram Direct Messages is now on Crowdfire Mentions

Facebook recently announced that we’d soon be able to send and receive messages from other Instagram users. This also paved the way to fetch Instagram DMs on Crowdfire Mentions 👯

We’d like to call it a “really good to have” feature as it makes it easier to reply to all your messages and not see them lying unread in your inbox.

What is Mentions?

Mentions is a one-stop tool to help you keep on top of your brand all over Social Media. It’s the simplest way to make sure you never miss out on any conversations around your brand.
With Mentions, you can track and reply to all your Social Media Mentions from a single inbox.

How exactly does Mentions work for Instagram DMs?

Crowdfire pulls all the DM’s on your Instagram account to your team inbox.
With this feature, you can👇

  • Track all the DM’s on your Instagram business account connected to Crowdfire.
  • Reply with plain text and emojis.
  • Close/ Archive the ones that have been replied to.
  • Assign mentions to your team members without giving them access to your Instagram account.

Where can I see this feature? 

You will be able to access Instagram DMs within your Crowdfire dashboard under the “Mentions tab” where you currently see Twitter public mentions and DMs, Instagram Comments and Facebook page messages, Facebook page comments.

How can I give this feature a spin?

This feature is available for Premium and VIP users only. But if you’re not on these paid plans, then fret not. You can get started on the 14-day free trial here


It is currently available only for Instagram business profiles.
And, you’d only be able to access it within Crowdfire if your Instagram account is a business account that has access to Instagram Messenger APIs.

It’s also phased rollout and isn’t available for everyone at the moment. Keep an eye out though.
It’s coming soon!

That’s it, folks!
Got a question? Ask us at 🙌

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