How to Increase Blog Traffic by Updating Your Content: 5 Ways

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As an online entrepreneur, you’re probably super interested in directing more traffic to your website. And chances are you’ve established a blog at some point which can be very beneficial for your business. It sets you up as an authority in your niche and helps you generate additional revenue via affiliate marketing and selling your products. But here’s the best part: once you’ve got a decent number of posts, you don’t necessarily need to produce a copious amount of new material to attract new readers. Bringing old articles back to life is also an excellent way to get noticed. Plus, you’ll renew your existing fans’ interest in your writings. As a result, you’ll be growing your blog traffic with half the effort it would take to come up with new content. Are you interested in doing that? Then check out our ten proven methods to make old content look as fresh and attractive as new. Here they are!

1. Rewrite Your Titles

If you’re at the beginning of your blogging journey, you might get tempted to write titles like “I Wish There Were An Easy Way to Do LinkedIn Ads” or “My humble opinions on Social Media Content.” In time, you’ll learn that although these titles sound cute, they’re not very helpful in improving your search engine rankings (which should be the focus of your online marketing strategy.). So how can you rewrite your titles to attract more readers? Here are two ways:

  • Search the web for articles that have had a large number of readers. Check the titles and try to pick up ways to construct a headline that’s enticing and irresistible. The truth is that there aren’t that many techniques out there for writing a good headline. Studying what the most successful writers are doing should give you plenty of ideas on making your titles more attractive.
  • Embed keywords into your titles. You can use keyword research tools like KWFinder or GrowthBar to identify the keywords you should be ranking for. However, a less complex approach is to think of phrases your potential customers would search from Google. Then add these phrases to your titles. Search engine optimization is one of the best sources of free blog traffic, so don’t miss out on it.

2. Make Your Posts Longer

If you’ve been writing for a while now, chances are your skills have improved a lot. So it’s a good idea to go over the older posts and make the writing better, more concise, catchier, and above all, more valuable to the reader. You should also add plenty of new information. For example, maybe you wrote about the benefits of using a keyword research tool in 2011, but by 2021, there is other more powerful software available. If you want to increase your average blog traffic, you need to make sure readers find only current information from your posts. Otherwise, they’ll dismiss your articles and find more relevant information elsewhere. Another thing to know is that making your posts longer and keeping the info up to date is beneficial for your SEO. Google loves lengthy and accurate articles.

So how can you make already existing posts longer? Not by adding words to your sentences. It will only make the text harder to read, and nobody benefits from that. Instead, try to find the most relevant information about the topic and add a paragraph that’s titled “2021 updates” or “Here’s What Works in 2021.” People interested in your post’s topic can have a fascinating read about how things were five years ago. Plus, they’ll also get the latest news.

3. Add Photos to Your Posts

Research indicates that posts with photos are more popular than those without pics. And it makes sense if you think about it. A photo gives the article some visual excitement and ignites the imagination in ways plain text never could. But here’s something interesting: photos can also improve your SEO. How is that possible? The keywords are in the photo’s Alt Image tag. However, whatever keywords you choose, they should still describe the image accurately. Otherwise, you might hurt your rankings.

When choosing photos for your posts, remember not to violate any copyright laws. That means you can’t download any pic from Google and display it in your blog. It can result in a fine or some other inconvenient legal action against you. If your blog is for your business, such incidents can seriously damage your company’s reputation. So use royalty-free pictures instead. Or, if you like an image you found from Google, contact the author and agree on terms and a fee before publishing it.

4. Place New Keywords in Your Text

We’ve already mentioned SEO a lot in this post. And for a good reason. There’s no better blog traffic generator than proper search engine optimization. And the majority of the keywords are inside your text. So take a look at one of your old blog posts and ask which keywords people would use to find a post with that information in 2021? Choose only one phrase that you think most likely appears in your readers’ minds. For example, maybe you write about photography equipment, and your post is about choosing the best wide-angle lens for nature photography. Then people might find you when they search you by “nature photo lens.” They can also search for the word “lens,” but you shouldn’t opt for the most simple one-word keyword. It puts you up to compete with thousands of other sites. Instead, use a keyword that consists of at least three words to attract people searching for something specific. When they find it in your post, they are more likely to become subscribers.

So once you’ve identified the phrase, repeat it at least three times throughout the text. Place that phrase also in your page link and Alt Image tag. When Google finds the same keyword in different places, it gets a clear picture of what your site is about. And in 2021, clarity can lead to getting your website on the first page of the search results for relevant keywords.

5. Increase Blog Traffic by Adding Outbound Links

Whenever you talk about someone else’s products in your article, make sure to add a link to that company’s webpage. But you might be wondering how to drive traffic to your blog with this? Firstly, the company might return you the favor and link back to your blog post. But secondly, Google might improve your rankings because it likes to see outbound links. And let’s not forget about the readers. They’ll love the convenience of clicking on interesting products they might find from your text.

So in case, you find a place in your old posts where you could place a link, do so. Also, make sure to check your existing outbound links and see if they still work. There’s nothing more annoying to a reader than clicking on a link that leads nowhere.



So are you ready to blow your blog traffic stats through the roof? It only takes a few tweaks, and the old blog posts can start winning you more readers. Use the tips from this article, and you’ll make your articles more valuable for the reader, which also leads directly to improving your SEO. What could be better?

What has helped you to increase blog traffic to your posts? Share your golden advice in the comments!

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