A guide to using Crowdfire to level up your small business

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The last 2 years have definitely been a dark time with the pandemic hitting people globally. With nothing to do during the lockdown, we’ve definitely seen a rise in new businesses and content creators. And honestly, based on the TikTok videos and Reels I’ve seen, most of them were pretty successful.
The most obvious reason for this was their focus on marketing.(Second of course to hard work put in by the individuals :D)

If you wanted to hop onto this wagon but were too scared to take on the mighty task of marketing, I’ve got news for you!
All you need is a strong, easy-to-use Social Media Management Tool. And Crowdfire is just that!

In this article, I’m going to take you through a few of Crowdfire’s features that will certainly help you grow your business through Social Media and also help you establish a good work-life balance. Yes, using Crowdire is definitely time-saving. 😄

Here we go!

So, to start up a business, you’ll already have your products/services and target audience set. Time to set up your Crowdfire account and add your social accounts.

Bonus news — They’ve just updated our Direct Posting feature and now you can publish carousels too directly to an Instagram business account!

1. Scheduling 

The main feature on Crowdfire is ‘Scheduling’; meaning you can schedule a ton of content (depending on your subscription) to get published directly to your social accounts. At one go! You don’t have to manually upload a post to each social account one after the other. You can just add all your social accounts and voila! In this Compose Window, you can add your images, location, hashtags (THEY HAVE A HASHTAG MANAGER TOO!!) gifs, emojis, and much more. It also shows you a character count, spaces included, so you don’t exceed your caption limitations.

I’m only on point 1 and you’ve already saved some time in your day. 😉

2. Content Curation 

Since creating or curating content is one of the most time-consuming and stressful tasks in the marketing process, I found that using a tool like Crowdfire to do it for you is super easy and of course, saves time. This feature offers you curated content in 4 different ways — Articles, Images, RSS, and My Posts.

For articles and images, you can add generic keywords from your business or industry and Crowdfire will give you related content that’s ready to share.

For My Posts, you can connect your own Blog, YouTube, Shopify, Etsy, etc and Crowdfire will create content for you with every new blog, update, or product. This will also be in the form of ready-to-share posts.

For RSS, you can add blogs or sites that have an RSS feed enabled, and Crowdfire will pull ready-to-share content and updates for you.

This feature can definitely save you from a long day of work and give you more time to procrastinate on your next task. 😛

3. Best Time 

The whole idea of marketing is so that you will have enough engagement which will in time bring you business and revenue. Wouldn’t it be super smart if you could publish your content when most of your audience is online or active? Well, Crowdfire has this incorporated into their publishing options. It’s this cool feature called ‘Best Time’ They basically trace your previous posts and engagement and suggest the best times during the day for you to post.

In the first image, you’ll see 3 options to post — Post now publishes your post immediately, Post at Custom Time allows you to select a date and time for the post to go out, and finally, Post at Best Time publishes your post at the ‘Best Time’ in that day or it adds to the queue if you have one. Posts scheduled using the Best time feature will go out based on the frequency set by you.

In the other 2 images, you’ll see that there’s a toggle between Automatic Best Time and Manual Best Time. This is for the people who already know at what exact times on each day they want their posts to get published. You can set up the frequency and the times for all 7 days of the week. You can also set a Time Zone for your posts if you’re catering to an audience that’s not where you are geographical.

4. Mentions 

Talking about engagement, since you’re working so hard and using all these features to increase it, you’ll also need a way to tackle responding to said engagement. Crowdfire Mentions allows you to do just that! You can reply to DMS, comments, Tweets, tags, and even mentions. And all in one dashboard too.

You can filter your mentions by open, pending or closed. You can also filter by social accounts like mentions on Facebook, or mentions on Twitter. In your reply box, you have the option to add saved replies, emojis, gifs and images. And when you reply, you can either reply and close the conversation or reply and keep it pending in case you know the conversation will run long.

I absolutely love this feature because it also gives you the option to add keywords, which Crowdfire will track for you over social media platforms, and you can reply to someone even if they have not tagged your business and just mentioned you to someone online.

Or if you’re feeling competitive, you can steal audience from your rivals by using keywords related to their business.

5. Calendar and Grid View 

The Calendar View feature is what will make publishing your evergreen posts to your social accounts very easy and convenient. Since they don’t have an option to mark a post as evergreen, it’s still way easier than scrolling through your timeline to repost something.

Plus it looks pretty neat!
If all your posts are successful, it’s highlighted in green, and if there’s any reason a post did not get published successfully, it will be highlighted in red.

Under the Calendar View feature, they also have a Grid View for Instagram accounts. This feature allows you to see how your scheduled posts for Instagram will look on your feed. If you like to keep things pretty interesting and use a specific Grid theme for your Instagram, this feature will save you a lot of time!

Bonus Feature: Listening and Analytics 

Now that you have your business up and running with the help of these features from this awesome tool, the next step is to track and analyze your growth. Crowdfire offers Social Listening so that you can stay on top of things concerning your industry. You basically add industry or competitor-related keywords and Crowdfire will put all mentions of that keyword from Social Media, Forums, Blogs, etc.

Crowdfire Advanced Analytics and Reporting give you a handle on a selection of metrics for each social account. This can help you track your growth and plan for future campaigns.
I’ve written more about this feature here!

Don’t be afraid of marketing and the number of tasks that come with it. Just use Crowdfire and you’ll be growing your business in no time! 😉

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