7 reasons why Crowdfire Social listening should be a part of your marketing strategy

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Social listening is the process of tracking your brand mentions on Social media and around the web and then analysing them.

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If you’re not doing it already, now is the time to go for it and if you’re looking for a Social listening tool, then look no further because Crowdfire does that for you.

Here are 7 reasons why you should add Crowdfire Social listening to your Social Media strategy 

1. It tells you where is your target audience.

One of the most important parts of digital marketing strategy is to know your audience. No matter which blog, video or tutorial you check out, everyone keeps telling you that you NEED to know your audience. Now, it sounds good and it sounds simple. But is it? Nope. It is very difficult to know exactly who is your audience and where to find them.

Crowdfire makes it easy by telling you the location of your audience and their source, that is what network they’re on or which platform they’re using.

2. The dashboard is simple to understand.

Simplicity is the key. To understand each metrics easily, you need a dashboard that is user-friendly and simple to read. With dedicated blocks, tooltip for every feature and easy-on-eye design, Crowdfire makes it easier for you to digest the data.

3. You can compare your keywords with your competitors’.

Yes! Comparison might be the killer of joy but not really. When you’re in a business you need to know where do you stand and for that, you need competitor analysis. Performing competitor analysis manually is a mammoth task and can take forever. With Crowdfire, it can be done in minutes. 

4. It makes finding your influencers easier.

A list of influencers who are already talking about you! Yes, you can see their influencer score and can reach out to them. If they’re talking about you even without you knowing it, then just imagine how well you can work together. This will push your influencer marketing efforts in the right direction. Since these accounts already trust you, their words will be more believable to their audience. Win-win.

5. It can answer some of your burning marketing strategy questions.

The how, the what and the where. How are your campaigns performing, is their enough chatter on the internet and where is the noise coming from? You need to know this to have a better marketing strategy and you can answer them all with the right listening tool. That is Crowdfire.

6. We focus on making your reporting as simple as we can.

You just have to hit the download button and your reports will be ready to present. That’s the simplest it can get. Don’t believe us, try it for yourself.

7. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

You get all that and you get it at the most affordable price ever. And while you’re at it, you can also check out other services that we provide. 

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